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Class Timetable (Commences 3rd September 2018)



Oasis Academy Lordshill, (entrance on) Redbridge Lane, Southampton, SO16 0XN


17.05-17.30:  Festival practice (IT, AV, EF)

17.30-18.15:  Intermediate Modern


18.15-19.00:  Grade 5 Ballet

19.00-19.45: Grade 5 Modern

19.45-20.30: Advanced 1 Modern


17.10-17.30: Private Lessons

17.30-18.00: Beginners Tap

18.00-18.15: Festival Practice (CC, IT, JC)

18.15-19.00:  Senior Jazz

19.00-19.45: Advanced Tap

19.45-20.25: Senior Tap



Oasis Academy Lordshill, (entrance on) Redbridge Lane, Southampton, SO16 0XN


17.00-17.20:  Private Lesson

17.20-17.50:  Junior Performance Team Rehearsals

17.50-18.20: Full Performance Team Rehearsals

18.20-18.50: Senior Performance Team Rehearsals

18.50-19.20: Intermediate Ballet Exam Class





17.00-17.30:  Private Lesson

17.30-17.50:  Private Lesson

17.50-18.10: Private Lesson

18.10-18.50: Private Lesson x 2

18.50-19.20: Advanced Foundation Ballet Exam Class




15th Romsey Scout Headquarters, Mountbatten Park, Queens Ride, North Baddesley, SO52 9JZ


16.10-16.30:   Festival Practice (EE, DG, IG)

16.30-17.00:  Grade 1 Modern

17.00-17.30:   Grade 2 Modern

17.30-18.00:   Junior Jazz

18.00-18.30:  Grade 4 Tap

18.30-18.55:   Festival Practice (EA, SA, RJ, KB, CD) / Greek & Natural Movement Class (alternate Weeks)

18.55-19.30:   Festival Practice (EA, SA, RJ, KB, RH, CD)

19.30-19.55:   Intermediate Foundation Ballet Exam Class



17.00-17.45:  Intermediate Foundation Ballet

17.45-18.30:   Senior Non-Syllabus Ballet

18.30-19.00:   Pointe

19.00-19.45:   Intermediate Ballet


17.00-17.30:   Festival Solo Practice (SA, KB, HC)

17.30-18.15:   Grade 3 Ballet

18.15-19.00:   Grade 4 Ballet

19.00-19.45:  Advanced Foundation Ballet


Oasis Academy Lordshill, (entrance on) Redbridge Lane, Southampton, SO16 0XN

Oasis Academy Lordshill, (entrance on) Redbridge Lane, Southampton, SO16 0XN



North Baddesley Village Hall, Botley Road, North Baddesley, SO52 9DT


11.30-12.00:  Grade 2 Tap

12.00-12.40:  Grade 2 Ballet

12.40-13.00:   Festival Practice (MM, OM)

13.00-13.30:   Junior Non-Syllabus Ballet

13.30-14.10:   Grade 4 Modern

14.10-14.15:  Break

14.15-14.45:  Grade 3 Tap

Term Starts: Monday 3rd September 2018


See the News page for full term diary dates


09.20-09.40:   Private Lesson

09.45-10.15:  Pre-School Ballet

10.15-10.45:  Primary Ballet

10.45-11.30:  Grade 1 Ballet


11.10-11.30:   Private Lesson

11.30-12.00:   Grade 1 Tap

12.00-12.40:  Festival Practice (KC, EH, HH)



Basingstoke, Andover, Newbury, Reading, Camberley, Aldershot, Farnham, Guildford, Aldershot, Petersfield, Fareham, Hedge End, Southampton, Romsey, New Forest, Salisbury, Winchester, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, Gosport, Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Havant, Fleet, Hampshire